Commercial Office Building Fire

Office Building and High Rise Fire Restoration

When a fire damages your large high rise building or office complex, ServiceMaster Restore® by Jouny has the tools and personnel to get the repairs completed quickly. With decades of experience in fire damage restoration, we can provide everything from temporary board up and clean out to final inspection and structural analysis. Call our fire restoration experts to being your claim as soon as disaster strikes.

Why ServiceMaster Restoration for your Commercial Fire Damage?

  • We’re ready to restore your home or place of business following a fire.
  • 24/7 our trained and well-equipped experts respond to your emergency needs.
  • With you as our priority, we say what we do and do what we say.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Process

  1. Building Structure Inspection
  2. Fire Type Identification
  3. Water Damage Assessment
  4. Smoke and Soot Damage Assessment
  5. Business Equipment Packout
  6. Structural Restoration
  7. Cleaning and Odor Elimination
  8. Restoration of Packout Equipment

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